Second Chance Pet Network


is the Dryden and area NO-KILL local pet rescue and shelter


Now is your opportunity to donate to the SCPN SPAY-NEUTER FUND RAISING DRIVE on






Please pass this on to everyone you know.

Telling them and asking them to tell others can help us reach our goal!

We can not do what we do without your support!

Check it out on our DONATIONS page


So you bought our Second Chance Pet Network 2015 Calendars!


Here’s the latest on THAT initiative and thanks heaps to DHS for creating this fabulous opportunity!

Thanks to you a total of 450 calendars have been sold! THANK YOU TO ALL who bought this great calendar. With 13 months, it’s a great deal. And BONUS – every month is a different cat…How wonderful it would be if each month the cat that is showcased could find the pur-fect forever home! Help these cats be adopted. Now that you have put it up where it can be seen by all who come to your home or office, please promote the cat of the month and help find it that special home! REMEMBER!!!! If you have our calendar and you are the reason that cat is adopted then the 2016 SCPN Calendar is yours free when it comes out in time for 2016! What a deal! Now with the calendar you can be a huge help to our furry friends looking for their forever homes! Come on Dryden, let’s get these kitties into those homes forever!

SCPN continues to need adults and Gr. 11 & Gr. 12 HS students to volunteer for a couple of hours per day.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us 2 to 4 hours of your time during the week or on the weekend!

We have many, many animals in care, and to care properly for them all we need adults and upper HS students, willing to spend a few hours each week, doing the physical work involved, on a regularly scheduled basis. Jobs include but are not limited to, scooping litter boxes, sweeping floors, washing feed dishes, feeding and watering the cats, sometimes giving cats eye drops, laundry (putting into machine, hanging out to dry, bringing it in when dry, folding and putting it away), washing floors, vacuuming, interacting with cats, and much more!


Please give some of YOUR time to help SCPN continue the work of rescue and sheltering.

We have so many opportunities for you to consider.


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Or call 1-855-201-1920

Don’t use credit cards?  SCPN stocks some packages of DIZOLVE at Treasures.


Come into  Second Chance Treasures Thrift Shop   at 24 King St. Dryden. Please browse and find that special something you have been looking everywhere for!

Go next door to Triple F and speak with King the Cat and Ann, if you would like to sign up to volunteer, adopt or foster (here’s the application if you’re interested!),  sponsor, donate, fund raise… there are so many ways in which your help (even the smallest of actions) can make huge differences! Volunteer Forms are also available at the thrift shop. Just ask any volunteer in the shop!


Fostering a resident of Second Chance Pet Network, allows the resident to live in a home environment, get spoiled and loved and cared for on an individual level, and gives the “fosterer” a chance to see if they might be interested in that particular resident for adoption and if the resident is a good fit in the home and with the humans who are fostering it. If you are already a dog or cat lover, then why not give fostering a try? Basic daily cost  for the upkeep of the foster, as well as veterinary care when needed is covered by Second Chance Pet Network when you take a resident into your home and your heart. Many people have found their purr-fect pet by fostering for a period of time. Fostering also helps to take the stress off the shelter. Check out fostering with Second Chance Pet Network at 24 King St., Dryden. Foster a dog or cat, puppy or kitten, or any animal in need of a temporary home(here’s the application!),


If you are interested in adopting one of our available residents, please come in to Triple F and ask King the Cat to speak with Ann! There are a lot of wonderful residents who are looking for their forever home. Please consider what a new addition to your life can do for you! Need more exercise? Adopt a dog to spend active time with! Need someone to cuddle? Adopt a cat to be your soul mate! Adoption applications are available on our Adoption page.


Interested in volunteering? We have lots of opportunities for volunteering, for both students and adults. We are in desperate need of more volunteers to get out to the Wilson Rd. shelter to help clean, feed and play with the cats in our care. Just a few hours from a few more volunteers will make a BIG difference in the lives of the current volunteers (too few of them!) and the residents (who can’t use more individual interaction and love?).

Can’t volunteer? No problem! SPONSOR a resident in the care of SCPN. Check out sponsoring a cat with Second Chance Pet Network at 24 King St., Dryden. Sponsoring helps SCPN to provide medical care and food.


How about creating a fund raiser for SCPN? You do not HAVE to be a member or a volunteer to suggest a fund raiser to SCPN and get a lot of people on board. Second Chance Pet Net Work is a charity which is funded solely by what we can raise in one way or the other. Come into Second Chance Pet Network at 24 King St., Dryden with your ideas for fund raising and help us achieve more!.
If you have an idea and can not come in, please Tell Us! in an email and include your contact information in case we need clarification.

It takes a lot of hours to do all that needs doing to keep our local rescue going strong. At present the work load is being carried by a very few. This huge amount of work is the lifeline for the residents in our care! Please consider even a few hours of your week to help us in some way!

We need more volunteers in our recycling efforts. Can you help ?

Please consider giving us a few hours of your week to help with the larger items at the Wilson Road shelter drop off, and/or if you would be interested in taking on and managing any of our other recycling programs (i.e. Tassimo, small electronics), come on in and speak with Ann at Triple F or Marilyn at Second Chance Treasures thrift shop.

Donations are always welcome.

Second Chance Pet Network is collecting smaller electronics, laptops, used Tassimo T-discs and foil exterior packaging for recycling. You can drop off anything in the way of the smaller items mentioned at the Second Chance Treasures thrift shop, however, our main drop-off point is 270 Wilson Road behind the mill, at our main shelter location..

Second Chance Pet Network also collects larger electronic items to be recycled, such as TVs, computer monitors, larger computers, and so on. These larger items should be dropped off at the Wilson Road shelter location.

If 1 person donates $5, we can feed, provide the litter and care for a cat for a day.

If 10 people donate $5, we can provide one person with Low Cost Spay/Neuter assistance.

If 20 people donate $5, we can spay or neuter one animal in the shelter.

If 100 people donate, it will pay 1/2 a month’s rent for us!

Our postal address is:

Second Chance Pet Network,
Box 343 Dryden, Ont P8N 2Z1

If you can’t donate, please tell your friends! The more people that see this, the more the shelter residents benefit from it!

Here are some new ways to help!

$5.00, $10.00, – more if you can spare,
A monthly donation will show you care!
For such a small commitment, what great satisfaction
To know you’re helping our Shelter in action!
How do you do this? Here’s the way,
Go to CanadaHelps.org today!


If you have extra Air Miles, you can redeem them for us in the form of Timbermax gift cards. Click here for instructions

You can also donate Canadian Tire money to Second Chance Pet Network.

To adopt and truly give one of these animals a second chance, check out our Take Me Home Today! page. See who you might like to adopt as your “forever” friend, then stop by Triple F Pet Supply at 26 King Street, Dryden, Ontario, and speak with Ann (and King can give you his opinion too!). Ask about adopting a new friend when you are browsing the Second Chance Treasures thrift shop at 24 King St. Dryden, ON, drop in at Second Chance Pet Network’s  NEW shelter facility at 270  Wilson Road, call us (807) 223-3335, fax us 223-5930 or e-mail us   info@secondchancepetnetwork.ca


Monday through Saturday:   1:00 – 4:30 pm                     7:00 – 8:00 pm.

Sunday:    12:00 noon to 8:00 pm.

Second Chance Pet Network has moved our cats and dogs to our recently built  shelter facility at 270 Wilson Road. It is a beautiful building that was made possible through the hard work of volunteers and the immense response from our community and elsewhere in our fundraising efforts to build it!

Second Chance Treasures our thrift shop at 24 King St. in Dryden (next door to Triple F Pet Supply) is open Mon. Tues. Wed. and Sat. from 11 am to 4 pm – Thurs. and Fri. 11 am to 5:30 pm.  Kittens, puppies and other small animals are often in residence in our shop and love to have visitors who would like to adopt them! We gratefully accept donations of gently used items, recycling them by selling them for a fair price, either stipulated or negotiated by the customer. All the money raised through our thrift shop goes to the care of the fur residents of Second Chance Pet Network until they can be adopted and move to live in their forever homes!

A board of directors guides us, and daily operations are run solely through the help and hard work of volunteers.

Our Mission
Second Chance Pet Network provides a safe haven for surrendered and abandoned animals, pending their adoption into loving, forever homes.

Our Vision
To help control the pet population in Dryden and surrounding area through spaying and neutering and to have all pets adopted into loving, forever homes.

SCPN has a huge job to do and new intakes arrive daily. The help of everyone in the area is urgently needed one way or another. There are many, many ways in which you can take part in “helping those who can not help themselves”. Please call us to find out more! Our number is: 807-223-3335 ; please call between 10am and 4pm, Mondays through Saturdays.